.CA in the world

The .CA is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). See how it stacks up against other top ccTLDs globally.

Population vs. registered domain count by country32

ccTLD Country Last Period Domain Count (June 2017)

Note: .eu has been removed in order to focus on specific countries. For accuracy, we are excluding .cn and .tk due to a change in registration rules within .cn and a differing business and measurement model for .tk.

.de Germany 16,217,458
.uk United Kingdon 10,676,639
.nl Netherlands 5,746,240
.ru Russian Federation 5,511,448
.br Brazil 3,912,417
.fr France 3,061,452
.it Italy 3,050,394
.au Australia 2,972,751
.pl Poland 2,636,184
.CA Canada 2,625,254
.us United States 2,532,518

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