The brave world of new gTLDs

More than a thousand new gTLDs were approved by ICANN and entered the market starting in 2014. This represented one of the most significant changes in the domain industry since its inception in 1984. Within the past 18 months, more than a thousand new gTLDs have been introduced, topping 23 million registrations worldwide.

New gTLDS, top ranking by registration

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Ranking New gTLD Domains


1 .xyz 6,602,639
2 .top 4,500,988
3 .win 1,279,052
4 .wang 1,043,800
5 .club 868,475
6 .bid 558,784
7 .site 552,252
8 .vip 525,056
9 .online 504,155
10 .loan 449,544
11 .link 378,555
12 .xin 336,112
13 .ren 320,691
14 .red 320,308
15 .gdn 304,478
16 .tech 277,101
17 .网址 266,284
18 .click 229,599
19 .science 222,904
20 .space 199,517
21 .website 196,321
22 .kiwi 187,233
23 .date 147,030
24 .trade 142,568
25 .racing 142,030

Among new gTLD offerings, .xyz leads with over six million registered domains, representing nearly 25 per cent market share among new gTLDs. The Registrar for .xyz initially offered these domains for free, creating early momentum. Also in the lead are .top, which has over four million registered users (17 per cent market share) and .win, with over one million registered domains (5 per cent market share).

Municipal domains experienced some early success, with .berlin, .london and .nyc initially ranking among the top 10 new gTLDs in 2015. They have since been knocked out of the top spot by other new entrants that have heavy marketing arms behind them, such as .win, .club and .vip. With competition ever-increasing, .nyc has dropped to 34th place, .london to 48th and .berlin is now in 49th position among new gTLDs. This is not to say that these are not successful businesses. These domains have found successful niche markets and have created models that work for their own geographies. The new gTLD program was party about increasing the number of choices open to Internet users and the geographic domains are a great example of that in action.

Canadians’ awareness of new gTLDs

The general population of Internet users in Canada are becoming aware of these new gTLDs. Awareness during the first year of the launch of new gTLDs was as expectedly low. Recently awareness has risen likely due to increases in advertising and launches of new domains over the last year. However, the interest in registering one of these new domains remains modest outside the domain industry itself.

Pie chart showing data from CIRA that shows that 46 per cent of Canadian Internet users are still unaware of new gTLDs. 41 per cent were aware.

Base: Canadian Internet users
Source: CIRA tracking research 2016

Interest in new gTLDs

Bar chart with CIRA data show that 70 per cent of Canadian Internet users who are away of new gTLDs are uninterested in registering one.

Base: Canadian Internet users aware of new gTLDs
Source: CIRA tracking research 2016