The state of Canada's internet

Nearly 90% of Canadians use the internet.
Source: ITU 2016

There are remote communities in Canada where internet access is limited and in some cases non-existent. However, the majority of Canadians can get online. Simply getting online though is not enough. We must also consider the quality and speed of internet access, whether it is available in people’s homes, and whether it supports individual, business and community needs.

The following information shows where Canada sits compared to our global peers and provides domestic data that may help steer a strategy toward a stronger, safer and higher quality online Canada.

Canada in the world

Canada ranks 25th in the world on the International Telecommunications Union’s ICT Development Index (IDI 2016 Rank), which is based on internationally agreed information and communications technologies indicators including access, use and skills. Canada dropped two spots in 2016 and sits below all but one G7 nation.

IDI 2016 Rank of G7 Nations

Rank Country

Source: International Telecommunications Union’s ICT Development Index (IDI 2016 Rank)

5 United Kingdom
10 Japan
12 Germany
15 United States
16 France
25 Canada
37 Italy

A snapshot of the internet in Canadian homes

  • 87% of Canadians have a broadband internet connection.3
  • 81% are satisfied with their home internet speed.4
  • 54% believe they are getting good value for their money for home internet service.5
  • 17% of Canadians with home internet say they are likely to switch ISPs in the next 3 months.6

Amount of data included with home internet package

42% of Canadians with home internet report having 200 or more GB of data.

Source: CIRA research March 20177