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Candidat(e) des membres 2019

Les candidats peuvent rédiger leur exposé en français ou en anglais. L’ACEI publiera les énoncés bilingues s’ils sont fournis dans les deux langues, mais elle ne les traduira pas au nom des candidats.

Énonce du (de la) candidat(e) :

The Internet Revolution is far from over. Governing Canada’s contribution to this global phenomenon is a critical job that requires soliciting input from a diverse set of stakeholders across Canadian society.

Within the larger scope of all Canadian stakeholders, I believe it’s vitally important for small businesses and individual domain name owners to be faithfully represented when forming policies which govern the Canadian Internet.

A vibrant Internet must include room for small businesses and individuals. Our stewardship of the Canadian Internet will be a failure if we only create a space which is dominated by the interests of massive global technology corporations. The needs of small domain name owners should not be lost as CIRA grows beyond its original mandate of being the .ca country code Top Level Domain registry.

Small businesses and individual domain name owners want a safe, secure Internet which supports an environment where trusted relationships can be built between every Canadian.

Trust is built from a combination of technical infrastructure and non-technical policies. CIRA must promote an Internet that provides reasonable privacy, security and allows content content creation which balances human communication across the conflicting dynamics of free speech, hate speech and the weaponised spread of disinformation.

High speed Internet access must continue to expand to every Canadian at the lowest cost possible. The Canadian Internet has the potential to improve the lives of all Canadians. CIRA must lead Canada into the future by providing stewardship which remains connected to the needs of Canadian citizens and is not distracted by growth objectives that stray far beyond its original mandate.

The Canadian Internet faces many challenges today. Inside Canada, the ongoing revolution of commercial innovation and competition needs to be encouraged without taking away privacy and the right to free speech of private citizens. Securing Canada’s place on the international stage, where democracy and free market forces do not always flourish, is also an important challenge. Although creating secure protocols and operational infrastructure is important, the Internet must also be protected against becoming a weaponized disinformation tool. As the Internet continues to evolve, we need to consider ways to protect it at the technology, operational and user behaviour dimensions.

The potential for the Internet to have a positive impact on Canada, and on the world, cannot be understated. However, many risks exist which can seriously undermine the potential of this shared resource. The CIRA Board of Directors is an important forum where conversations take place seeking to find the right balance between the sometimes competing interests. I believe my background gives me a unique perspective to represent small businesses and individual domain name owners in this important conversation.

I have a diverse background in technology, management, starting a business, as well as, supporting small businesses find success on the Internet. This background gives me the necessary experience to be a strong advocate for the small business and consumer stakeholders on the CIRA Board of Directors.

I am currently an independent Digital Marketing consultant helping small businesses connect with their customers using the Internet. Small businesses succeed when they understand and meet the needs of their customers, with or without the Internet. The Internet is a great new resource, but many small businesses find it difficult to adapt it into their own operations. I would like to add my voice on the CIRA Board of Directors to help make it easier for small businesses take advantage of the Internet.

My past board membership experience may not be a strong as others, but I have worked collaboratively on many leadership teams inside and outside the corporate world. I know from my recent experience of building a Board of Advisors for my own business that building a diverse set of voices and perspectives is the most important criteria when selecting the right team.

I have extensive background in building and supporting the technology infrastructure that makes the Internet run. I worked in the Telecommunications industry at Nortel Networks and Avaya for over 23 years. I understand the complex technology transition taking place from old voice and cable dominated networks to the networks running data (TCP/IP) traffic. The switch to data traffic enables a large variety of new applications which use domain names to connect the complex infrastructure to humans.

Although I’ve worked in the trenches building technology infrastructure, I am not blind to seeing how technical innovation disrupts government regulations, business operations and the entire human experience in everyday life. As a parent of two digitally native children, I'm continuously learning about how the Internet impacts my children and their friends. We would be negligent if we continue to build innovative technology without being aware of the unintended human costs that may come along with technology innovation.

My educational background includes graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science with Electrical Engineering Electives. I also have a Bachelor of Arts, Dean’s Honour List, from the University of Waterloo.

Please allow me to summarize my qualifications …

I have a deep understanding of the technology forces within the Internet.

I have an appreciation for the commercial impact being felt by consumers and businesses.

I have the ability to provide a strong voice for consumers and small businesses on the CIRA Board of Directors.

I know I have the right background and the right voice to help build a stronger Internet that benefits all Canadians.

With all of this in mind, I humbly ask that you consider voting for me to become a member of the CIRA Board of Directors.

I look forward to giving all CIRA members a strong voice on CIRA’s Board of Directors.

Curriculum vitae du (de la) candidat(e) :

Réponses aux questions obligatoires:

1. Expliquez, de votre point de vue, ce que l'ACEI fait et pourquoi son rôle est important.

Internet Innovation: A World of Possibility and Potential

Internet governance needs to account for multi-stakeholder economic and civilian interests. At the same time, Internet governance must allow innovation on the Internet to continue without impedance. I wish to be your representative on CIRA’s board of directors, because I believe my contribution as a board director will help move the future of the Internet towards these goals.

We’ve experienced a technology revolution that started with low-cost computing and was magnified by the availability of low-cost connectivity on the Internet. The rate of technology innovation is not slowing down. Disruption to all sections of Canadian society results from this innovation. The disruption is causing confusion, and therefore, there's an opportunity for education on how to best leverage the possibilities of the Internet. CIRA has a chance to lead in this area.

Good Internet governance allows innovation and creativity to flourish in Canadian Culture, Commerce, Education and Democracy. Good Internet governance is required to protect Canadians’ security and privacy from unwanted surveillance. Good Internet governance is required to create trust in the relationships that Canadians have using the Internet.

Unfortunately, the forces of the status quo are resisting the innovation that the Internet enables. Business organizations and government structures, created when old technology was used, have not yet adapted themselves to the new technical reality. Intelligent Internet governance is more important now than ever before, so the forces of the status quo do not block the progress possible with a shared and open Internet.

If left unchecked, the forces of the status quo will stifle individual freedom. They will allow the Internet to be used as an Orwellian surveillance tool to peer into all aspects of our lives. A lack of privacy and security on the Internet will inhibit building positive relationships built on trust. Lack of trust hurts all net citizens, private and commercial. Good Internet stewardship is required to navigate these uncharted policy waters..

I wish to join the CIRA board of directors, because I want to create a trusted Internet where innovation is protected from the forces of the status quo.

Additionally, I also have a specific constituencies that I want to represent on the Board of Directors.

These constituencies are ...

Consumers and Small Businesses have much to gain from an open, transparent and trusted Internet, but neither of these stakeholders have the same ability to be heard that larger organizations inherently have. I wish to add my voice on behalf of consumers and small business owners to the Canadian Internet governance conversation.

Freedom of individuals to have a voice on the Internet needs to be protected. I wish to represent average Canadians who want our liberties protected.

It is with all of these goals in mind that I am asking you for the chance to help create a trusted Internet that enables a shared resource that is beneficial to all Canadians.

2. Pourquoi désirez-vous faire partie du conseil d’administration de l’ACEI?

It has been a passion of mine to explore the world of technology long before the Internet ever made its disruptive impact on society. My campaign to be elected to the CIRA board of directors is fueled by a sustained commitment to understand how technology works, how technology can be improved, and most importantly, how it can be best used to improve the lives of others.

My deep technical knowledge and experience is extensive and extends over three decades. It includes both academic and work experience. My experience ranges from 1) managing complex projects in large businesses, 2) helping small businesses harness the power of digital marketing to connect with customers via the Internet, as well as, 3) simply exploring the expanding universe of the Internet as an ordinary, curious, Internet citizen.

My technology background includes a solid understanding about how the Internet works, including knowledge of optical networks, TCP/IP Routers & Switches, IETF and other protocols (including DNS), Multi-Tiered Application Systems & Application Server knowledge (for voice, video, business applications, digital marketing platforms, etc.). I also have extensive software development and customer support experience both as a programmer and as a manager.

I have participated in telecommunication standard meetings where multiple vendors and operating companies work towards creating technical standards that allow multiple interests a voice in coming up with working protocols.

I believe the combination of my technical, large and small business and net citizen experience gives me a unique perspective that will bring a valuable voice to the Board of Directors of CIRA.

3. Quelles sont les compétences et les expériences particulières que vous possédez et qui font de vous le meilleur candidat pour le conseil d’administration de l’ACEI?

1) Balancing commercial interests between established companies, innovative startup companies and consumer protection.

2) Protecting privacy and free speech for private citizens.

3) Keeping the Canadian Internet secure from home based and foreign based threats.

4. Selon vous, quels sont les trois principaux défis et possibilités qui se présenteront à l’ACEI au cours des trois à cinq prochaines années? Quelle approche adopteriezvous pour résoudre ces enjeux?

1) It would be nice if CIRA allowed members to engage with other members in conversation throughout the year. CIRA puts a lot of effort into online member engagement and interaction during the Board of Director voting process. However once the AGM is over, online engagement of members disappears until the next organized event. I believe we need a member communication & collaboration space that remains open all year long. There are lots of low cost options available either by using forum/group capabilities of existing large social media platforms or by adding a Drupal forum/group module to the CIRA website.

2) A lot of good content is found on the CIRA website. However, there are still too many small businesses in Canada still do not have a website yet. More education is needed to help small businesses get on the Internet. It would be great if CIRA would create a series of blog posts focused on helping small businesses. The series of blogs posts could be grouped under a new "Small Business" category in the Blog area of the CIRA website.

3) In the last few years, it has become hard to ignore the evidence that shows how the Internet is being used as a highly sophisticated surveillance system. Not only that, but the surveillance system is being weaponized to spread disinformation for surreptitious influence campaigns. As the Internet evolves, CIRA needs to move beyond just focusing on technical and operational security. It needs to be become educated and opinionated on how Internet users operate in a way that is good for Canadian society. This is completely new opportunity for responsible Internet governance. CIRA has a chance for leadership here.