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Candidat(e) des membres 2019

Les candidats peuvent rédiger leur exposé en français ou en anglais. L’ACEI publiera les énoncés bilingues s’ils sont fournis dans les deux langues, mais elle ne les traduira pas au nom des candidats.

Énonce du (de la) candidat(e) :

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my application to become a Director on the Board of CIRA.

Since 2000 I've devoted my career to Canada’s Internet while living in Ottawa, Toronto and now Montreal with my wife and son.

I first became familiar with the Internet in 1993 and registered my first domain name in 1995, culminating in more than 20 years of experience in the domain and Internet industry. Since then, I have participated in the Internet’s growth from a relatively small community to the invaluable resource it is today.

Being well versed in almost every area of the domain business and I have extensive business & technology experience from building websites and managing servers to working with governments as well as public, private and non-profit companies. I also spent 5 1/2 years as a Senior Sales Engineer at the Canadian wholesale Domain Registrar Tucows/OpenSRS and in 2007 I started DomainCocoon, a consulting business for Domain Investors, Registries, Registrars, Hosting companies and Resellers. My international background and extensive domain industry travels have given me a broad perspective on global domain issues and how the would affect and benefit CIRA.

I have held several leadership roles in the domain community, including acting as one of the managing editors of the industry website This was position in which I am able to utilize thought leadership skills through analysis of breaking industry news and events. Working together with my fellow editors to become one of the domain industries most important news sources has given me an even greater appreciation of how much can be accomplished through collaboration. These experiences as well as my ability to focus on details while remaining mindful of the big picture, and an ability to quickly adapt and develop expertise in new technology are qualities that would uniquely position me to serve CIRA as a Director on its board.

I am also involved in the most pressing current industry issues including Internet Governance, privacy, security, IPv6, DNSSEC, new gTLDs, the secondary market and the financial health of the domain business. I hosted Industry gatherings to connect the Canadian domain community. I am passionate about issues of personal privacy and data collection online as well as how emerging Internet technology changes our society. Becoming active on the board of CIRA is an incredible opportunity to participate in shaping Canada's Internet future.

Having spent the last decade serving the Canadian Internet, I look forward to joining CIRA's board as a director to work together in forming the strategy for the nation’s continued online success.

Curriculum vitae du (de la) candidat(e) :

Réponses aux questions obligatoires:

1. Expliquez, de votre point de vue, ce que l'ACEI fait et pourquoi son rôle est important.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is a member-based not-for-profit organization that runs the .CA ccTLD and registry. It also offers a number of commercial services, such as DNS-based services and registry service for other TLDs. CIRA also helps to set up and maintain Internet Exchanges, supports innovative projects with grants and participates in worldwide Internet Governance.

All of CIRA's activities are important for the Internet as a whole and the Canadian Internet specifically.

2. Pourquoi désirez-vous faire partie du conseil d’administration de l’ACEI?

I have worked with a number of online organizations as an employee, manager, board member, advisor to the board, working group member and entrepreneur and have participated in the Internet's growth from an experimental community of early adopters to the thriving, global industry it is today. Working with CIRA as a member of the board would allow me to use these unique skills I have acquired in the domain Industry to assist the organization in the successful adaption of new technologies. Much of my work was and is within virtual organizations and utilized social media in order to connect with stakeholders, investors, and customers.

I want to use my experience to bring CIRA, its members and all of Canada closer together to help shape the future of the Internet.

3. Quelles sont les compétences et les expériences particulières que vous possédez et qui font de vous le meilleur candidat pour le conseil d’administration de l’ACEI?

I'm able to understand technical and business needs, thus I am able to bring both worlds together to create the best results.

In my professional life I've worked with a number of governments, public and private companies and a number of non-profits. Having registered my first domain name in 1995, I've got many years of experience working with domain names. Aside from having worked in web development, hosting, I also spent 5 1/2 years as a Senior Sales Engineer at the Canadian Domain Registrar Tucows/OpenSRS. Since 2007 I own and run a consulting business for Domain Investors, Registries, Registries, Hosting companies and Resellers called DomainCocoon Inc. I also participate in ICANN and IETF working groups, since Internet Governance and policy development are important to me.

While working in the industry, I've developed a vast and varying network of contacts which helps me to gather and distribute knowledge.

4. Selon vous, quels sont les trois principaux défis et possibilités qui se présenteront à l’ACEI au cours des trois à cinq prochaines années? Quelle approche adopteriezvous pour résoudre ces enjeux?

a) Political Challenges
Censorship & Surveillance initiatives and Net Neutrality affect the industry and internet users and there's a continuous push from governments that affect internet access, i.e. bills like C-51, the order of a BC court for Google to remove certain search engine results worldwide or the call to Quebec ISPs to censor specific websites.

b) Lack of membership /lack of participation/involvement of membership
I would like to find and explore more ways to grow CIRA and for CIRA members to be involved in decisions outside of the board elections to involve more of the stakeholders. The Canadian Internet Forum and public consultations are a great start but should be expanded on.

c) New TLDs & product focus
CIRA's plans to support applications for city TLDs in the next new TLD round (.Montreal, .Toronto and .Calgary) is a great proposal to widen the offering. So are the new services CIRA has launched and started offering. The challenge is, will CIRA be able to focus on the new ventures while continuing to pay at least the same attention to .CA itself? How does CIRA prevent competing with its channel?


a) Political Challenges
Continue to speak out on issues that may affect the freedom of the internet and communication. Seek dialogue with regulators and legislators in order to offer expertise.

b) lack of membership /lack of participation/involvement of membership
I would like to find and explore more ways to grow CIRA and for CIRA members to be involved in decisions beyond the board elections.

c) New TLDs & product focus
When CIRA provides services beyond .CA registrations, it needs to continue to carefully review these services and how they support and interact with the core services.