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The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) wants to understand your project results and requires that all recipients of grants from CIRA’s Community Investment Program submit a final report.

A final report helps both your organization and CIRA learn from your experience and understand how this grant helped build a better online Canada.

Please be brief but thorough. You may be asked to meet with us to discuss the project after the final report has been submitted. We may also contact you in the next year to have a further discussion on your project outcomes.

CIRA would like to share your accomplishments on our website, so that the general public is made aware of how your project has contributed to building a better online Canada. Some of the following answers may be used to update the CIRA website.

This report is due within 90 days after your project ends.

Project Details:

[details will pull from application]

Name of Organization: ____________________
Project Title: _____________________________
Contact Person: __________________________
Telephone: ______________________________
Email: ___________________________________

Report Preparation:

Date: ____________________
Report Prepared by (if different than above): _________________
Telephone (if different than above): _________________________
Email (if different than above): ______________________________

Grant Details:

Grant Amount: ____________________
Grant Amount Spent in Project Period: _________________
Budgeted Cost of Project: _________________________
Actual Cost of Project: ____________________________
Amount over budget (or under budget) [system will auto calculate]:

Project Dates:

Projected Start Date: ________________
Actual Start Date: ___________________
Projected End Date: _________________
Actual End Date: ____________________

Your Project:

Project Description

  • In your application, you described your project as: [Data will be pulled from the application]. Describe any substantial changes made to your project and explain why you made those changes. (200 words max.)

Key Activities

  • In your application, you described your key activities and outputs as: [Data will be pulled from application]
  • List all the key activities undertaken as part of this project. If the key activities changed substantially from what was proposed, please explain. (300 words max.)



Provide links to, or copies of materials that you have created as part of your project. Materials can include: publications submitted and accepted, research reports, training documents and sessions, presentation and training materials, curriculum, tools, prototypes, program evaluation, devices and infrastructure. If you have more materials than space allows, please merge them into a zip file for download.

  • Type of document
  • Link/file name
  • Description
  • Metrics (i.e. impressions, downloads, reach)


  • In your application, you stated your impact as: [Data will be pulled from the application].
  • What was achieved, both anticipated and unanticipated? (200 words max.)
  • What were your indicators of success? How did you measure and evaluate success? Please provide examples of both quantitative and qualitative results. See Measuring Results Tip Sheet for further information. (250 words max.)
  • Please complete the following metrics or indicators, if they occurred as a result of the project at the end of the grant period.

_____ Number of people who benefited directly from your project at the end of the grant period. (For example, if 40 seniors participated in a workshop on social media in which they will now be able to reach out to a combined total of over 200 family members and friends, the response would be 40, although the 200 others would indirectly benefit)

Age groups of people who directly benefitted from the project:

____ Children (0 – 12)
____ Youth (13 – 18)
____ Adults (19 – 64)
____ Seniors (65+)

Please describe how you arrived at this number. (200 words max.)

____ Number of staff involved in the project (FTE)
____ Number of new jobs created during grant (FTE)
____ Number of training sessions conducted
____ Number of people trained

  • What other outcomes are expected in the short term (at the end of the first year)? In the medium term (in two to three years)? We will contact you in the next year to have a further discussion on outcomes. (250 words max.)


  • Please describe how your project has helped build a better online Canada. Be sure to describe who has benefitted from the project. The following answer may be used to update the CIRA website. (100 words max)
  • Describe any new partnerships you created as a result of this project, explaining what was contributed and if/how the partnership will continue. (150 words max.)
  • How did this grant benefit your organization? Your community? (200 words max.)
  • Please provide one or two brief stories or testimonials that exemplify the success of your project. (250 words max.)



  • How will your project be sustained? For how long? Describe the impact you envision this project will have in the next 3-5 years. (150 words max.)


  • If you had the opportunity to do the project again, what would you do differently? (150 words max.)
  • What was your organization’s most significant learning during this project? (150 words max.)

Financial Accounting:


[if no] Please list each source of income for the project. Explain if and how CIRA’s grant helped you to leverage other sources of funding to sustain the project into the future. (150 words max.)

  • Was CIRA the sole external cash funder of the project?


[If no], please indicate how much of the grant funding is unspent. ________

  • Did you spend all of the grant funds on the project CIRA authorized for funding?
  • We have emailed your original financial project plan in Excel. Please update the budget form with the project’s actual activity results. If you have any additional comments about your budget, please add them below. (150 words max.)


Provide links to, or copies of materials, that recognize CIRA’s Community Investment Program as a supporter of your project. Materials can include press releases, media coverage, promotional materials, blog posts, web pages. To help us tell a story about your grant, please include any pictures or other appropriate material.

  • Type of document
  • Link/file name
  • Description
  • Metrics (i.e. impressions, downloads, reach)


I declare that the information provided in this final report is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
I attest that our organization has spent the total amount of the funds received from CIRA on the project as it was approved.

Name: ________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________

Date: _________________