Legal, policy, compliance

A framework for managing Canada's domain

As a Member-driven, not-for-profit organization, CIRA has a mandate to manage the .CA domain space on behalf of all Canadians. CIRA has created a robust legal framework around developing and implementing domain name policy, and facilitating .CA domain name dispute resolution. CIRA's policies are intended to ensure the fair and transparent management of the .CA registry, CIRA's governance processes and CIRA's membership base.

Dispute resolution

Conflicts around entitlement to domains can arise. CIRA’s Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP) is designed to help domain name holders mediate disputes over their .CA account.


CIRA has a number of official policies for Registrars, Registrants and to guide governance of the .CA domain space overall.

.CA Compliance

As a .CA domain holder, you enter into a legal agreement with CIRA. There are a number of best practices to ensure you remain compliant within these legal contracts. Demonstrating your legal connection to Canada, providing CIRA with accurate contact information are just a couple of examples.CIRA regularly undertakes a validation process to ensure .CA domain holders are compliant. Find out more about Best Practices for compliance and the Request for Validation Process.