Legal, policy, compliance

CIRA has a mandate to manage the .CA domain space on behalf of all Canadians. We pride ourselves on operating a world-class country code top-level domain Registry. Our robust legal framework and policies are intended to ensure the fair and transparent management of .CA.

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.CA Canadian Presence Requirements

How CIRA keeps our ccTLD Canadian.

Registrant Information Validation (RIV)

How CIRA ensures .CA Registrants comply with Canadian Presence Requirements.

Best practices for registering a .CA

Some of our top tips to keep in mind while registering a domain name.

CIRA's Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP)

CDRP is designed to address clear-cut cases of bad faith registration of .CA domain names.

CIRA's official policies

Policies related to both .CA Registrants and Registrars, as well as CIRA's governance and membership.