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Do you have a.CA domain? Find out how to become a .CA Member. Influence Canada’s digital future, elect the board, attend events, and stay current on digital issues. Advance the Internet for Canadians.

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Your .CA domain name is your storefront in the Internet's digital village. It also makes you part of Canada’s Internet community of people who, like you, have an interest in making the Internet better for Canadians. As Canadians we have both the right to be informed about how the Internet develops and a responsibility to act on it. As a .CA Member, you have a voice in the development of the Internet in Canada and can impact the everyday lives of Canadians.

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Get a .CA

Getting a .CA domain is the first step to joining the Internet’s digital village.

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Have a .CA? Applying for a .CA membership is easy, free and open to any .CA holder.

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Get Involved

Attend events, voice opinions, elect the board, advance the Internet in Canada!

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Influence Canada’s digital future. As a .CA Member, you can participate in local networking events, participate in the direction of .CA, voice your opinion, and stay up to date on industry issues that affect Canadians every day.

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Whether you use the Internet for work or play, you can influence the future development of the Internet in Canada by becoming a .CA Member.

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.CA Membership Activities

.CA Member Activities

Take your involvement to the next level!

Discover how .CA Member activities offer you the opportunity to share, connect and learn with other thought leaders. Members lend their voices to Internet governance and shape the digital future of Canada and around the world.

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82 per cent of Canadians agree that all young people should graduate from high school with basic skills to help them succeed in the digital economy, such as computer coding skills.

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