CIRA Meet-up: Montreal



This event is available via  webcast or in person at:

Hyatt Regency Montreal, 6th Floor

1255 Rue Jeanne-Mance,
Montréal, Quebec
H5B 1E5


None! To ensure that everyone interested can attend the event, we have made it free of charge.


Pre-registration is now closed. You can still participate by joining the webcast or registering at the Hyatt Regency Montreal.


Artificial intelligence – The next five years

What is artificial intelligence? It’s not just a business buzzword or the science fiction image of robot overlords in the distant future. Artificial intelligence (AI) is closer than you think and already affecting our everyday lives.

AI impacts businesses big and small. CIRA, just like you, is curious about AI and how it can benefit the future of business. This meet-up is an opportunity for CIRA to facilitate discussion on an important topic we’re all starting to explore.

The potential of AI and its benefits are huge, but where do you start?

Join us Monday, November 26th for a roundtable discussion with Samuel Witherspoon from IMRSV Data Labs and CIRA’s chief technology officer, Jacques Latour. This is your opportunity to learn about AI adoption in Canada and how it can benefit businesses and peoples’ lives.

Samuel Witherspoon

Founder and CEO, IMRSV Data Labs

IMRSV Data Labs is an Ottawa-based firm that specializes in helping organizations understand and implement artificial intelligence solutions to solve business challenges. Founder and CEO, Samuel Witherspoon, studied engineering at the University of Guelph and law at the University of Calgary. He worked in both engineering and law before leaving to start IMRSV Data Labs.

Note: Presentations and the webcast stream will begin at 5:30 p.m. EST. The event will be bilingual and speakers will present in their preferred language.

Cybersecurity in Canada

CIRA is committed to helping organizations be more secure online. Join us for a cybersecurity workshop taking place before the meet-up! Registration for this event is also free.

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