How to apply to the Community Investment Program

Thank you for your interest in CIRA's Community Investment Program. The 2018 application period for the Community Investment Program is now closed.

Key Dates

  • January 15, 2018

    Application period opens

  • February 28, 2018

    Application period closes

  • Early May, 2018

    Applicants informed of application outcome

Who is Eligible?

  • Organizations recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as registered charities

  • Not-for-profit organizations

  • Academics and researchers affiliated with a Canadian university

Focus Areas & Funding Restrictions

Focus areas:
types of projects we fund

Innovative projects that support the development and/or enhancement of the Internet for the benefit of all Canadians, including:

  • Community access to the internet, internet tools, and/or devices;
  • Online services for vulnerable or disadvantaged groups; (these online services must create efficiencies);
  • Digital literacy and/or web safety;
  • Infrastructure and internet security; (infrastructure must bring new or improved internet services to regional, rural and remote communities);
  • Research focused on technological aspects of the internet;
  • Knowledge-sharing activities that lead to more effective internet governance;
  • Increase public participation in policy making and political processes;
  • Address social, economic and/or environmental needs.

Funding restrictions:
what we will not fund

  • Requests for sponsorship;
  • Training proposals that provide generic IT training;
  • Projects whose main focus is outside of Canada;
  • General fundraising appeals;
  • Ongoing core operations (e.g. permanent staff salaries, administrative functions such as firewalls and intranets, etc.);
  • Projects solely focusing on website development and design (e.g. graphic design);
  • Retrospective costs;
  • Applications seeking IT equipment for general purpose training rooms; and/or
  • Marketing or research associated with marketing activities.

Our Application Guidelines outline the eligibility requirements, giving focus areas, and application process.