Membership Benefits

The Internet is changing every day, and your CIRA membership will give you an edge and a say in how it changes. Be part of a community of .CA holders who, like you, have an interest in making the Internet work for them!

Influence Canada’s digital future! As a CIRA Member, you can:

  • Get involved in CIRA's governance and direction through our Board of Directors Elections and Annual General Meeting.
  • Participate in membership surveys and other consultation on Internet issues.
  • Have a say in the development of the Internet worldwide through CIRA's involvement in international Internet organizations.
  • Read our quarterly CIRA Member E-newsletter to stay up-to-date on CIRA’s latest initiatives and industry trends and issues that affect Canadians every day.
  • Attend local events for networking opportunities, business development and knowledge sharing.

Your involvement with CIRA is an opportunity to shape the business aspects of the Internet and how Canadians develop the Internet as a cultural space. By becoming a CIRA Member, you can influence our critical work!