Registry Services

Getting a "right-of-the-dot" domain is easier with an expert in your corner

New generic top level domains (gTLDs) are shifting the domain industry and changing the rules of online branding. Canadian municipalities, brands and regions must decide soon whether they will engage in the next ICANN application round, which is expected to launch as early as 2018.

CIRA can be your strategic partner to help you assess the opportunity and risk of launching a gTLD. We have managed the .CA registry since 1999 and have grown the registry from 150,000 registered domain names to more than 2.4 million today. As a non-profit, we shape the future of the Internet in Canada, represent Canada and the .CA domain internationally and advocate for secure and equal access to the Internet for all Canadians.

The only gTLD workshop for Canadian organizations

We have developed a unique one-day workshop designed for Canadian municipalities, brands and regions that are considering applying for a gTLD. By the end of our one-day workshop, you will:


  • Domain Expert

    Be an expert on the shifting domain industry

    Our environmental analysis explains gTLDs, application requirements and the domain name system. You will also analyze results and best practices from gTLDs including .nyc and .london.

  • Understand the challenges of the ICANN application process

    Applying for a new gTLD requires a lot of thought and even more effort. The workshop includes a thorough dive into how ICANN evaluates applications and the technical infrastructure, platform support and critical policy documentation required for a successful application.

  • Know the financial and marketing requirements of a gTLD

    Many gTLDs have used savvy marketing to earn major income from domain name sales. You will learn about branding opportunities, reserved domain names and how other gTLDs have marketed these new domains.

  • Cost of a gTLD

    Build a business case for applying… or not

    By the end of the day, your organization will have all of the information needed to decide whether a gTLD is rewarding or just risky. Our workshop will guide you through developing a business case for the TLD.

Contact us for a 30-minute, no obligation overview of the the gTLD market and the workshop.