D-Zone DNS Firewall

DNS threats are up

Ransomware and other cyber attacks impact 81%
of organizations every year.

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D-Zone DNS Firewall guards your perimeter

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How big is the threat and how CIRA helps you.

D-Zone DNS Firewall

Proactive protection from today’s worst
ransomware, malware, phishing and more.

  • Block clickbait and other phishing schemes

  • Detect malware on your network

  • ISP-grade recursive performance for faster web browsing

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Malware uses the DNS for command and control

The DNS is a critical layer in a defence in depth strategy that requires no organizational investment in hardware or software.

Jacques Latour CTO of CIRA

91% of malware uses the DNS for command and control.

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CIRA has partnered with Nominum, a world leader in recursive DNS technology to build the first made-in-Canada DNS Firewall solution.

As criminals become more sophisticated and malware becomes more profitable, Nominum is highly focused on helping communications service providers put critical safeguards in place for their business clients.

Nominum data science