CIRA Corporate Plan FY18

Dear Members,

The Internet is constantly evolving and its pace is rapid. Working at Internet speed requires a strong plan. We must be focused but also nimble enough to respond to a shifting environment.

CIRA’s plan for fiscal year 2018 (FY18) concentrates on programs and services that deliver measurable outcomes.

Over the last couple years we’ve taken deliberate steps to adapt to the changing market and the results are clear. We are rejecting the downward curve in domain growth many of our global peers are facing.

It’s a good news story. And that’s only part of it.

In FY17 CIRA implemented new business processes, developed new products and embarked on new partnerships to strengthen our revenue streams. We grew our business, which allowed us to better steward .CA and contribute to the Internet community in Canada. CIRA is a world-class Internet registry with over 2.5 million domains registered. Stewarding .CA is priority one. We have a strong base of subscribers but we need a steady stream of resources to provide exceptional support of .CA.

Like many ccTLDs, our growth is declining. With this in mind, CIRA is increasing the wholesale price of .CA domains to shore up resources for .CA’s long-term sustainability – for CIRA and our Registrar partners.

These resources also allow us to give back to the Internet community and ensure CIRA has the people and technologies we need to maintain the safety, security and performance we are known for.

In the coming year, we will take steps to transfer .CA to Fury, our next generation registry platform. In FY18 we will augment Fury – which in FY17 welcomed its first new customer, .kiwi – to .CA’s specific needs. .CA’s migration to Fury is planned for FY19.

CIRA is expanding the reach and capacity of its DNS infrastructure. CIRA is now delivering D-Zone Anycast DNS to the majority of Canadian universities and will continue this within the public sector. With cyber-attacks on the rise, this product offering is extremely relevant.

Giving back to Canada’s Internet community will remain a core focus in the year ahead. In addition to new product development, CIRA invested in Canada’s Internet through our flagship Community Investment Program (CIP) and by bolstering Canada’s Internet infrastructure through Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

CIP is among CIRA’s most impactful contributions to Canada. A portion of every .CA domain purchased goes back into the Canadian Internet through this program. This includes health apps, coding lessons for kids and infrastructure that connects Canadians in rural communities, to name a few. We’ve contributed $3.8 million to 78 projects and have another $1 million earmarked for FY18.

CIRA supports Canada’s IXP network expansion to improve the integrity of the Internet in Canada. For FY18 we will continue to support IXPs and encourage peering by Canadian companies and institutions. CIRA will facilitate dialogue to support the success of IXPs in Edmonton, Moncton, Saskatoon and Windsor. CIRA will remain a founding member of CA-IX, Canada’s IX association.

CIRA’s Internet Performance Test (IPT) is gaining momentum. Consistent and high-quality Internet connections are necessary for Canadians to make the most of the economic, cultural and social benefits the Internet has to offer. The first step is to understand Internet performance.

Beyond educating individuals, CIRA is partnering with Canadian cities to help them understand Internet performance on their territory – a foundation block for smart communities. CIRA will complete its pilot partnership with 10-12 municipalities in FY18 and will invest in the future growth of this test.

CIRA will also work with Canadian communities to educate them about the world of domains and the economic potential of .cities. In FY18 we will continue offering .cities workshops and follow the next round of generic top-level domain applications with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Innovation is becoming part of our DNA at CIRA. For FY18, CIRA Labs, an incubator to explore new technologies and market interest, will move ahead with a wide range of projects. In addition to offering products that support individuals and businesses in Canada and abroad, CIRA remains active on Internet policy issues.

In FY18, CIRA will continue its participation in ICANN, which is a global, multi-stakeholder organization that coordinates the Internet DNS, IP addresses and autonomous system numbers. We will participate and lead on various ICANN working groups, as well as within other international policy and technical Internet-related organizations.

Bringing the global Internet community together, contributing to grassroots online initiatives, developing new products that make the Canadian Internet safer and more reliable and investing in talented individuals at CIRA are examples of the track we are on.

Growing cyber security threats and a competitive global domain market have changed what CIRA does after nearly 20 years of existence.

Amid it all one thing stands firm: CIRA is building a better online Canada. I am confident in our continued contribution to this vision.


Byron Holland, President and CEO,
Canadian Internet Registration Authority


The new strategic plan that kicked off at the start of FY17 remains relevant to CIRA as it approaches the next fiscal year, and will continue to guide the organization for the years ahead.


  • Investigate big data opportunities related to .CA
  • Streamline and automate the management of DNSSEC cryptographic material
  • Scale the architecture of the Fury platform
  • Identify and build new Fury features
  • Complete city IPT pilot tests
  • Continue with .cities workshops


  • Complete year one of .CA deployment onto Fury platform
  • Enhance the .CA DNS Anycast clouds
  • Expand the reach and capacity of CIRA’s D-Zone DNS infrastructure
  • Expand the D-Zone customer base, and maintain customer loyalty
  • Invest in a corporate structure that supports partnerships in core business areas


  • Launch round five of the Community Investment Program (CIP) and take evaluation to the next level
  • Build new suite of Internet Performance Test features
  • Support the Internet and Jurisdiction conference in Canada
  • Support and nurture the sustainability of Internet Exchange Points
  • Maintain involvement in key international Internet organizations such as ICANN and CENTR



  • Enhance brand, lead generation and channel programs
  • Implement a one dollar .CA price increase
  • Refine CIRA’s internal business processes


  • Leverage and prioritize partnerships that support multiple programs and products

Superior Talent

  • Expand training and mentorship program
  • Bolster CIRA’s brand among key recruitment audiences