CIRA Community Investment Program and Amazon Web Services

What is the relationship between CIRA and Amazon Web Services?

Projects from CIRA's Community Investment Program will now have access to a variety of Amazon Web Services (AWS) programs to help scale up online activities and accelerate the delivery of new products and services. This relationship bolsters the existing $1 million in funding from CIRA’s Community Investment Program in 2018 with in-kind technology and support services.

Who is eligible for AWS’ services and support through this arrangement?

Recipients of CIRA’s Community Investment Program are eligible for services and support from AWS.

How and when does a CIRA grant recipient get access to the AWS program?

Community Investment Program applicants will be notified about whether they received a grant in early May, 2018. Grant recipients automatically become eligible for AWS support. The details about available services and support will be shared with recipients in May 2018.

Additional questions about the AWS opportunity?

Please email for further information.