Acquire your gTLD with CIRA Registry Services

  • Apply for your own gTLD

    CIRA has the technical infrastructure to support your gTLD application. More than a checkbox on a list of requirements, our expertise can help you to be more successful, including:

  1. Platform support for Internet standards like DNSSEC, IPv6, WHOIS and more.  In addition, we can help with the critical policy documentation and processes needed for your Registrants
  2. Systems and processes to support presence requirements for those domains that are geographically focused; such as country codes (ccTLDs), city-level domains, and regional domains
  3. CIRA has relationships with some of the world’s largest Registrars (the people who can market your new gTLD). We can help you manage your relationship with these established Registrars. 

Acquire -- with CIRA

The task of getting your domain name and the rights to operate your gTLD from the governing body ICANN is the one most fraught with risk. The approval process can be competitive. Applications need to be carefully completed and submitted.

Nobody knows the ground rules for the next round of applications. 

Having a partner who understands and follows the domain industry to help with the 300+ page guide book (based on past process) on submitting your application will help ensure your success. Acquiring the rights to your gTLD is much more than submitting an application. Part of the application process includes proving you have the ability to run the technical infrastructure, support for a safe and secure registry and a having a good plan for success. 

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