Registrant Information Validation

The goal of CIRA’s Office of Compliance is to support the organizational mission, to provide safe, secure and trusted domain name services as a key public resource for Canadians.  

Compliance programs, such as the Registrant Information Validation Program are designed to ensure all parties meet their contractual obligations within the requirements of their individual agreements and within CIRA’s Policies, Rules and Procedures.

We also work to identify and assist any non-compliant parties.  

What is RIV?

CIRA’s Registrant Information Validation (RIV) is a compliance program. The .CA domain space is a key public resource for all Canadians. The people and organizations that register .CA domain names must meet with CIRA’s Canadian Presence Requirements Policy for Registrants It is CIRA’s responsibility to ensure all .CA Registrants meet the requirements outlined in the policy.

Through RIV, CIRA regularly reviews domain registrations to ensure Registrants, those who have a .CA domain name(s), can demonstrate their connection with Canada in one of 18 categories outlined in the Canadian Presence Requirements policy.

Through the RIV process, CIRA may request documentation from .CA Registrants to validate compliance with the policy.

The RIV Process

CIRA initiates this process to ensure that those who have registered a .CA domain name comply with our Canadian Presence Requirements, can demonstrate their connection with Canada, and if so, that the Registrants have registered under the appropriate category.  Selection for validation is at CIRA's discretion. Once the process begins, we will apply locks to your domain(s) ensuring they cannot be transferred or updated. During the process, all notices and communications are sent to the Administrative Contact and or the Registrant (if the email address is not the same).

We will endeavour to review your supporting documentation within one business day and respond back via email, confirming our decision regarding your compliance with our Canadian Presence Requirements for Registrants Policy.


First Notice – The initial notice is sent at the beginning of the process. This is a request for you to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate your compliance with CIRA's Canadian Presence Requirements for Registrants policy.

Second Notice – This will be sent ten business days after the first notice. It is a reminder that CIRA has requested you to provide documentation supporting your compliance with Canadian Presence Requirements. You will have 5 more business days to submit your documentation before your domain is suspended.  

Third Notice – This is sent five business days after the second notice  to inform you that we haven’t received the supporting documentation requested. It will advise that your domain will be suspended for up to 30 days.  While your domain is suspended, your website and email will not function. During this period you can still submit the requested supporting documentation for CIRA's consideration.  If CIRA has not received your supporting documentation within the 30 day suspension period, your domain will be cancelled and made available to the public for registration on a first come, first-served basis.  

Fourth Notice – The final notice is sent 30 days after the third notice to confirm that CIRA has canceled your domain.

Compliance Decision

Our compliance decision can come at any time during the process.  Once CIRA has received your supporting documentation, it will be reviewed to ensure it supports the Registrant’s information and Canadian Presence Requirement category.  If you are compliant, CIRA will send email confirmation that validation has been approved and remove all domain locks.  If you are not compliant, CIRA will comfirm by email that validation was not approved. The correspondence will also confirm the date that your domain name(s) will be cancelled.