Registrar Recertification

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) requires its Registrars to recertify on an annual basis.

Recertification occurs automatically each year on the anniversary of the Registrar’s certification date. CIRA will issue annual recertification notices at sixty (60) days and fifteen (15) days letting you know when your Registrar certification will auto-renew.

Registrars electing not to recertify must notify CIRA by email at at least thirty (30) days prior to their recertification date that they do not intend to renew their certification.

All Registrars must meet CIRA's current certification requirements, be familiar with the current Registrant Agreement and cannot be in default of their obligations under the Registrar Agreement.

While there is no need for Registrars to submit Certificate of Corporate Status documents with their recertification, CIRA may obtain these documents at CIRA’s expense to ensure Registrars are in compliance with the Registrar Agreement.

Registrars in CIRA’s pre-paid program must ensure they have sufficient funds in their account to pay for the recertification fee as CIRA will be debiting the recertification fee from their account on the day of their recertification.

For Registrars in CIRA’s semi-monthly credit program, the recertification fee will be reflected in their semi-monthly statement.

Your new Anniversary Date is a year from your previous recertification anniversary date.

For complete information about the qualifications that are required for Registrar recertification, see the Registrar Recertification Process.