Analyze the opportunity with CIRA Registry Services

  • How does CIRA Registry Services help me get started analyzing the opportunity for a right-of-the-dot domain?

We provide education, expert analysis, and professional documentation as you build commitment, develop workable policies, and establish the business case. With the next round of applications approaching, we can help you to manage and reduce the risk when making the early decisions:

  1. Understand the opportunity a new gTLD has for you
  2. Help ensure your domain name is not acquired by someone else
  3. Support your investment in technology and marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals

Imagine -- with CIRA

CIRA is here to help organizations understand the opportunity and approach it with discipline. For municipalities and geographically-focused domains there are key stakeholders that need to be enrolled to help imagine the possibilities for their own gTLDs. The same is true for organizations looking for their own .BRAND names on which to promote products and services or on which to offer specialized services to their customers.  

Whatever you're looking to accomplish we can help. We have the expertise that comes from running a world-class registry and we understand the options, risks, and ground rules that you need to follow. Each type of new domain should be approached to solve a particular need in the market. For a municipality it may be to help local businesses put themselves on the Internet’s map. For a brand, they may want to use them for the entire brand family, to create unique domain names for each product line or even to give vanity (or luxury) domains to their customers.  Other gTLDs may have the dream of global success and market dominance. 

Imagination is great, but imagination plus discipline = success. 

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