Operate your gTLD with the Fury Registry Platform

The Fury Registry Platform

We think your registry software should help you grow your TLD business.

It’s the only TLD management platform with features and functionality designed for the modern TLD business. Other software might check your technical boxes, but only Fury has custom tools to make it ridiculously easy to manage pricing, distribution and finance. 

Designed with your business in mind

  • Fury Portal is a modern interface with roles-based access to key registry functions
  • 100% customizable pricing functionality to support a diverse retail model
  • NEXUS requirements easy to manage
  • Domain name blocking based on keyword patterns or defined lists
  • Set date, time and reason for list management of domains and domain groups
  • Registered domains can be set to auto-recapture on expiry
  • Features for .brands, ccTLDs and gTLDs to operate based on specific business requirements

Unique features to grow your gTLD business 

  • Fury Tags

    Fury Tags™

    Apply advanced business rules right down to individual domains. Advanced tagging lets you monitor and report campaign success on affiliate, partner and reseller programs, build custom registration requirements, and customize 100% of the domain business. Your TLDs are special, shouldn’t they function that way?

  • Fury Confirmed Reservation System

    Fury Confirmed Reservation System (FCR)

    Further monetize your names with the FCR. When enabled, this feature allows accredited channel partners and/or retail sellers reserve a domain for later fulfillment without completing the registration process. Reservation fees and dates are set by the Registry.

  • Price Management

    Variable Price Management

    Issue time and date based coupons, set domain-specific pricing, mass-define prices based on specific terms and provide variable channel pricing—and leave the IT team out of it. With Fury, managing price rules is no longer a complex back-end process. Get the flexibility to earn every last bit of profit.

  • Fury Invest

    Investment for the future

    With a solid foundation operating in the ccTLD space as a non-profit, our goals include a better Internet and a 100% reliable infrastructure. Fury Registry Services earnings are invested back into the platform to keep it state of the art and to develop unparalleled new features.

Fury Registry Platform checks the technical requirements of running a gTLD

For your technical team

  • Cutting edge back-end hardware and software
  • Global infrastructure and DNS footprint
  • Primary software and database systems in Canadian datacenters
  • EPP-API and web interface for Registrar accountsRegistrar Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment


  • Meets all the technical requirements for ICANN accreditation of your TLD
  • IPv4, IPv6 capable
  • DNSSEC enabled
  • Functional WHOIS with privacy options
  • IP/Trademark Clearing house
  • Supports the gTLD launch process–sunrise, landrush or any customizable options you desire

Fury Registry Services is the only management platform architected for the modern TLD business. See how we are better.

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