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Toward Efficiencies in Canadian Internet Traffic Exchange

Canadian Internet access is heavily and unnecessarily dependent upon foreigh infrastructure, especially U.S. infrastructure. This dependence imposes significant burdens upon Canadian Internet users. By establishing more Internet exchange points (IXPs) within Canada, Canada can reduce the portion of network traffic that travels from one point in Canada through the United States or other nations and back to Canada. 

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Cyber Security Consumer Tip Sheet

Most of what we do online falls into one of three categories: Talk, Shop and Play. There are risks associated with all these activities that consumers need to be aware of so they can take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their computers.


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The Cyber Security Game

The Cyber Security Game is a lesson plan for a game to help students learn about being safe online. In this lesson students discuss their online experiences and learn how to minimize the potential risks that may be associated with them. Using the Cyber Security Tip Sheet, students explore the many tools and strategies that can be used to mitigate or prevent negative online experiences. 

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