Security bundle for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce members

How much could a hacker attack cost you? Help avoid it with D-Zone Anycast DNS.

The cost of an outage for an ecommerce site can be directly shown in lost dollars, while network/website outages are measured in lost productivity and loss of customer trust. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)  maintains the critical DNS infrastructure needed to keep over 2.5 million domain names online 100 per cent of the time - and we are delivering this capability to Chamber of Commerce members in a special bundle offer.

Attack Scenario 1: Domain Hijacking

Mitigate with: D-Zone Domain Lock

A hacker can point your domain name to a website that embarrasses your organization or establish a phishing site to pose as you and steal customer data. This can happen through social engineering at an IT supplier or registrar, or even from within your own company.

Attack Scenario 2: DDoS Attacks

Mitigate with: D-Zone Anycast DNS

The DNS is vulnerable to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that flood servers and make them unavailable. When this happens your customers and users cannot access your website and emails cannot be sent. Best efforts from an IT supplier are often not enough in today’s climate.

Need more detail? We have put together this short document to help you understand the risks and mitigation strategies. 

For an analysis of your existing DNS and suggestions on how to make it more resilient, please book a 20 minute meeting with one of our experts