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From .CA websites to the Internet of Things……

….the relationship between these two may not be self-evident, but behind all online advancement lives the technology that makes it work. At CIRA, the .CA team is developing and tracking the technologies that help Canadians connect to the world in secure and ever evolving ways. Learn about these initiatives and how CIRA is working to build a stronger Canadian Internet. 

State of the Internet

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The DNS is the Internet. Learn what the Domain Name System (DNS) is, how it works, and how it underpins the Internet’s operations and everything that is done at CIRA.

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The Internet is a tool for connecting people and CIRA is continuously working on initiatives that help Canadians connect faster, more securely, with increasingly more resilience.

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As the Internet grows, so do threats that aim to undermine it. Securing Canada's DNS is a critical function of CIRA, and enhanced DNS security should be top of mind for any IT professional. 

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